– by Dr. Dipaali Pulekar 


To contribute and collaborate in the times, I am glad to share my first book titled – Transformational Leadership of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj- Ageless Inspiration – a course for Leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday heroes and sheroes to effectively and efficiently lead and nurture.

Mindful, thoughtful, innovative, welfare laden Transformational Leadership

A salute to the world’s greatest legendary leader through research for his exemplary leadership which keeps reigniting us to march ahead in life.

A remarkable rendition by the team for this song which makes me feel the vibrations of leadership every time I listen to it…

I am Alive - By Dr Dipaali Pulekar Book


This self-help book focuses on preserving the parent-child bond despite the difficulties of having two working parents.

It offers a trip through the ups and downs of motherhood rather than laying out a prescriptive parenting guidebook through the sharing of personal experiences.

The narrative centres on a mother and describes the touching moments and close relationships she has with her child through routine activities.

It examines the emotional whirlwind of fatherhood and highlights both happy and consoling moments. “I AM ALIVE” perfectly captures the steadfast love that parents feel for their kids.

Parenthood is portrayed as a lovely monument to the struggles and rewards of parenting, highlighting the significance of strong family ties and shared parenting experiences.