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Opportunities For Lifelong Learning.

Online Course

Opportunities For
Lifelong Learning.

Leap towards Effective Personal Mindfulness — Sharpen the Personal & Functional Skillset

The Objective of the Course

  1. To enable students to become aware of themselves
  2. To develop effective management skills to present oneself in the corporate world.
  3. To enable the students to overcome the barriers for personal effectiveness to perform.
  4. To develop an industry-ready workforce


  1. Only 20 students in a batch
  2. Assistance to the students until they require 
  3. Facility to be a part of follow up sessions to brush up their skills after completing the course.
  4. Experiential delivery of sessions 
  5. Group discussions and interview tool kit.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To demonstrate self-awareness about oneself
  2. To demonstrate effective management skills
  3. To employ these skills effectively in their life
  4. To exhibit effective development of Mindfulness
  5. To exhibit self-confidence and self-belief to face the corporate world.


No of Modules: 20.

Duration: 90 minutes per module.

No of Days For all Modules – 1 month.


To enable 600 students to take Leap towards Effective Personal Mindfulness- sharpen their personal and functional skill set by the end of February 2021

Price Per Module - Rs.699/- only

Our Course offers this opportunity to invest in oneself through carefully vetted modules for the students to up skill themselves and present themselves as brands. These modules would unveil through self-awareness and glide them through various mileposts essentially required to keep themselves always highly valued in the ever-changing market. 

You are in control of the development of your soft skills because they result from your conscious decisions to behave or not to behave in certain ways. Please make wise behavioral choices now that will help you to succeed in the future

Leap Yourself - L – Learn, E – Elevate, A – Appraise, P – Promote.

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